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Academic Tutoring

Academic success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Our instructors know the importance of developing strong study habits and efficiency, the building blocks requisite for most successful students. We have helped students improve their confidence and grades across middle and high school, in a variety of subjects. Combined with our test preparation and college consulting services, we can help maximize your child’s potential not just for college, but for a lifetime. Whether your child is struggling or an academic all-star, our teachers can help take him or her to the next level. We will work with your student to create a customized approach tailored specifically for his or her needs.

  • English Language Arts and Literature

    We focus on teaching the fundamentals of grammar, reading comprehension, for students of all levels. Understanding the English language, especially in the context of literature, is an important characteristic of students who test well in school and on standardized tests for college. We can create a customized plan for your student based on the needs in school or for general enrichment purposes as they prepare for University abroad.

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics are often considered to come easy to students, particularly within Asian society. We know that a strong core in mathematics ultimately comes from practice and thoughtful ways of teaching principles and concepts, especially at the middle school and high school level. Not everyone is particularly gifted at mathematics, but with our tutoring help, any student can become proficient at mastering mathematics tests at the secondary education level.

  • With our guidance in Biology and Physics, students who aren’t especially strong in sciences can also master their standardized tests!

  • If there is any subject tutoring that your child needs, we can find a way to deliver high quality tutoring help. We have experience teaching across a broad range of subjects and levels, and have subject experts on hand to help your child improve academically, regardless of his or her current situation. Contact us to discuss tutoring options.