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Admissions Consulting

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The application process can be daunting for anyone.

AKME helps you understand and manage the process by giving you an overview of steps required, introducing to you the US school system and most importantly, assists you in determining which schools are appropriate given your profile. We then work with you on the various application elements – brainstorming for essay ideas, positioning your personal statement, and enhancing your interview skills. Sign up to have one of our experts help you craft your perfect positioning today.

Let one of our mentors guide you through the actual admissions process and maximize your chances of getting into the university of your choice. Our mentor can tailor the topics of discussion and services according to your needs, be it school selection, essay editing, or any part of the application process. Most importantly, our mentors will meet with you on a consistent basis to ensure your applications are complete and submitted on time.

  • - Maximize your chances of getting into the best school possible
    - Find the schools that best suit your needs and interests
    - Write meaningful personal statements that make a positive impact
    - Obtain high quality recommendations.
    - Make a lasting impression in your interview.
    - Complete your college apps in a way that highlights your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses.
  • - Personal looks into and presentations on select top 50 universities.
    - Personal school selections based on your intended field of study, strengths, and personal preferences.
    - Class discussions on successful sample college essays.
    - Brainstorming, writing, editing, and revising your very own personal statements.
    - 1-on-1 practice interviews.
  • · What am I going to write about on my personal statements?
    We’ll sit down together with you to brainstorm the most impressionable experiences and involvements you’ve been in to best differentiate you from the rest of the pool of applicants. Furthermore, we’ll help you edit and revise all your drafts for the various schools you end up applying to.

    · What schools should I apply to? Should I apply ED/EA for any universities? What are my chances of getting into ____?
    We’ll pick out an aggressive and diverse list of schools for you to apply to based on your intended studies, interests, personal preferences, and qualifications. Even more so, we’ll give you realistic evaluations of your chances of admission to different schools and help you select one highly competitive university to apply ED/EA.

    · So…you’re saying you will help us do EVERYTHING?
    We will be there with you every step of the way on your college essays, but YOU still need to write them! We’ll assist you in answering any short response and supplemental writings as well. We will help you look over all the details on each of your applications and make sure everything is filled out correctly. We’ll do 1-on-1 practice interviews with you to prepare for the real thing and make sure you have all of your supplemental forms turned in well before their respective deadlines.


  • AKME is such a wonderful learning environment with amazing teachers! They are funny, inspiring, and super caring (and professional, of course). This is perhaps, the only place on earth where you can actually learn the SAT at ease without falling asleep! And no matter where you go and when you come back, AKME will always be there to welcome you with open arms!
    Carol Chen, UPenn, 2018
  • Participating in AKME for almost 3 years has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Although the classes were very intensive, I was able to improve my speaking, reading, and writing skills immensely. Not only that, but through the various classes, I was able to incorporate what I learned and use them on the actual tests! I've definitely met the best teachers, facilities and friends in AKME. If I could, I would want to experience everything all over again (not SAT though lol)! AKME is what you make it! I wouldn't have wanted to spend my study time anywhere else!
    Joyce Hsiao, Brandeis, 2018
  • AKME really helped me attain a firm handle on my SAT scores! It really is a great place to go for SAT prep! The instructors are enthusiastic about providing extra help before and after class, and taught me with great patience and effort.
    Bill Tsai, NYU Stern, 2018
  • AKME Prep was with me every step of the application process, especially when I had trouble juggling my essay- writing and non-stop section tests/mock tests, as well as a couple of other science competitions. I am grateful to the teachers at Boston Prep for their expertise as well as their patience. I can only say: thank you, thank you, and thank you again for being such great teachers!
    Vicky Wang, Stanford, 2017
  • Through the intensive SAT prep courses at AKME Prep during the summer and fall of 2012, I have gained more than just tips and tricks on how to take the SAT. I not only got accepted to Parsons The New School for Design – I have also been selected to participate in the Chase Scholars Program, receiving a scholarship as a result of my outstanding achievement in both my GPA and SAT scores!
    Cheryl Kao, Parsons, 2017
  • From preparing for the SAT, brainstorming the essays questions to practicing interviews, AKME really helped me a lot in reaching my goals. Teachers here are all friendly and professional, making the process of applying easier and enjoyable. Without AKME Prep, I might not have realized my dream – getting into Caltech.
    Jennifer Lin, Caltech, 2017