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Our Instructors

Matt was starting to think there were a few too many Californians in the world, so he rejected his Santa Monica heritage to attend school at Amherst College in Massachusetts. While there, he majored in Economics and Music, served as President and Principle Violist of the Amherst Symphony Orchestra, and led educational efforts in Massachusetts and Haiti. After four brutal New England winters, Matt adjusted his philosophy on California and returned, diploma in hand, to his former life of sunshine, surfing, and rock climbing.
As part of non-profit organization in the Bay Area, he worked with students of all backgrounds, helping them to greatly improve their SAT and ACT scores and preparing them for the challenges of college in the US. He looks forward to continuing this work in Taipei while exploring Taiwan’s culture and landscape.
Matt enjoys sipping on a cup of perfectly brewed coffee and writing poetry during his free time.  He has also discovered a passion in play acting during his time in Taipei.

Chris is from the ancient, hallowed land of San Antonio, TX. In keeping with the tradition of his peoples, he graduated with a BS in Chemistry from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2009, and eventually went back to earn a Master of Business administration degree in 2015. Before he moved to Taiwan, Chris spent 7 years teaching various subjects, like Chemistry, Biology, Geometry, and more to at-risk students in the San Antonio and Corpus Christi areas of Texas. In addition to this, he also taught SAT and MCAT Physics prep classes for TPR. Since coming to Taiwan, Chris has worked with numerous students not only in SAT I/II prep, but also AP Calculus BC, Physics, and Geometry.

When he’s not teaching, as expected from a person from Texas, Chris devotes his efforts to cultivating his cowboy persona. He often wears a Stetson around the office and insists his coworkers call him “The Lone Ranger”. He has learned the hard way to not refer to people as “Tonto”. Never one to be pigeonholed into just one stereotype, Chris also enjoys playing numerous outdoor sports like Tennis and Basketball. He can sometimes be found at local parks trying to charade his way into playing with the locals. If ever approached in the wild, you will find you can lure him in with a casual mention of tacos.


A native yooper by birth, Neil grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  He attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR where he studied Physics and Advance Mathematics.  He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Material Science.  He is very passionate about making the sciences and math easy to understand and fun to study.

In his free time Neil enjoys cooking, playing board games and outdoor adventures. When the sun comes out in Taipei, Neil will get on his bike and head for the mountains.


Originally from redwood country on California’s north coast, Linnea attended the University of Colorado at Boulder (the other UC), majoring in English Literature and Women’s Studies. After graduation, she moved to Boston where she began working with TPR, which was the beginning of over twelve years in the test prep industry. Over the years, Linnea has worked with students of all ages and abilities, trained new teachers for the classroom, and developed curriculum for various test types. Her expertise runs the gamut of standardized tests, and she is also well-versed in college admissions.

When she’s out of the classroom, Linnea is usually planning her next sojourn abroad. Since she also loves to scuba dive, most of her travels are to destinations renowned for strange and beautiful underwater life. When she’s on dry land, she devotes her time to seeking out the perfect cup of coffee, reading, pondering the ever-changing geopolitical climate, and trying to catch up with all the shows her friends cannot believe she still hasn’t seen.

Rebecca Hong

Rebecca grew up in the suburbs of New York, navigating public schools from Queens to Long Island. She eventually moved to Southern California in the name of higher education, receiving her undergraduate degree from Pomona College. Although she majored in Environmental Analysis with an emphasis on sustainable design, reflecting on her strengths has led her to find her niche in guiding the inspired youth.

In her free time, Rebecca can be found at the gym chasing kilos and making gains. When she’s not preoccupied with researching how to increase her mobility and strength, her voracious appetite leads her to remote corners of the city. Few things bring her as much joy as breaking bread among friends. Her awful sense of direction is redeemed only by a heavy dependence on cellular data and Google Maps. The app, if not open on her phone, is open on her desktop web browser. She explores the streets of cities to which she has never been, in hopes of someday experiencing their vibrant life. Her dreams include perfecting her declarative knowledge of English grammar, powerlifting, and paddling through the fjords of Chilean Patagonia.

Thomas Tsai

Tom hails from the south bay of California, and graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 2007. As a fifth-year medical student at National Taiwan University College of Medicine, he’s currently undertaking his medical clerkship. In the US, he’s worked with at-risk students in the Pasadena School District and has had experience teaching for KAPLAN, as well as various other private tutoring services in the subject areas of SAT I/II and AP, specializing in Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. In Taiwan, he has worked extensively with NTU graduate students in essay writing and GRE preparation, as well as students from TAS and overseas international schools.

In his free time, Tom devotes his interests to photography and audio. Once in a while, he’ll wreak havoc on his aging knees atop the basketball hardwood. Recently, he’s been slowly working his way into biking and hopes not to go broke buying a new road bike. As can be expected of a native Angelino, he can be bribed by a savory burrito any time of the day, but will also accept a quality cup of pour-over coffee.