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Date:March 22, 2013


Average GPA: Not reported

Average SAT score: 2140 ~ 2340

Caltech sits on 124 acres of property in suburban Pasadena. It is internationally recognized for rigorous academics in the sciences, math, and engineering. 32 Nobel Prizes won by Caltech faculty of alumni speak to the college’s indisputable reputation as a premier science and engineering institution. Caltech offers 61 majors, and the school’s general education core requires all students to take 12 terms of humanities courses. The student-to-faculty ratio is a remarkable 3:1, and more than 70% of undergraduate classes have fewer than 20 students. 97 % of all undergrads choose to live on campus, though it is only required for freshmen. A distinctive feature of the house system at Caltech is dining – sit-down dinner with table service is provided on weeknights, with meals served “family style”. Caltech offers 80 official student organizations, among them, the student newspaper, Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum, Computer Science Cluster, and Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal. There are no fraternities or sororities. Not surprisingly, “athletics are not our strong suit,” says a student. Caltech students embrace their geeky side, as the main interest for most is their academic field. Men outnumber women on a pretty significant scale, and while Caltech will claim they’re ethnically diverse, what this translates into is a 40% Asian and Pacific Islander population. Students who lean more toward social science, humanities, or the arts might be better served elsewhere – but if you dream about speeding atoms crashing into each other, or have Sir Isaac Newton on the short list of people from the past you would loved to have met, then you might just be a Techer.

Famous Alumni: Gordon E. Moore (former chairman of Intel Corp), Linus Pauling (American chemist and Nobel Laureate), Harrison Schmitt (astronaut)