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Date:March 22, 2013


Average GPA: 3.6

Average SAT score: 1950 ~ 2250

Renowned for its computer science and engineering programs, Carnegie Mellon is situated 3 miles from the center of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CMU is comprised of seven separate colleges, offering up to 200 majors. CMU also stresses interdisciplinary learning, with strong programs such as business, drama, English, and music being popular among students. The population is 58% male, with a 15% international student body. Admission is competitive, and students should be prepared to deal with a significant academic workload. A tradition of CMU is buggy racing; when not engrossed in their studies, you’ll find students building, racing, and hanging out at bars and restaurants of nearby Oakland and Squirrel Hill – if you celebrate the fact that chess is an intramural sport, this university may be a good fit for you.

Famous Alumni: James Gosling (creator of Java), Andy Warhol (pop artist), John Forbes Nash (Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences)