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Date:March 22, 2013


Average GPA: 3.88

Average SAT score: 2120

Average ACT score: 32

Minimum TOEFL score: 100

Cornell University is located on a hilly 745-acre campus on Ithaca, with gorgeous gardens, gorges, and waterfalls. There are over 260 university buildings, nearly 800 student groups and an astounding 4,000 courses offered in Cornell. The campus is big enough to have its own zip code, and is divided into North Campus, West Campus, Central Campus, East Hill, Vet Quad and Orchards – so sometimes getting to classes can be a hike. Because of Cornell’s structure, each of its even undergraduate colleges is fairly autonomous. The most popular majors include biological sciences, agricultural sciences, economics, engineering, Hotel administration and English. Due to its remote location, a lot of socializing happens on campus, supported by the 850+ student organizations. Greek parties are commonplace, with 50 fraternities and sorority houses and a large percent of participation. There’s even a movie theater on campus, offering nearly 400 films a year. Cornell’s Division I sports are strong, with hockey being a particularly popular spectator sport. Though most of Cornell’s students are from the state, there is still a sizeable minority population of 28%. Cornell is also known for its exceptional dining, with nearly half of the executive chefs being graduates of the Culinary Institute of America. With more than 255,000 living alumni, there are plenty of networking opportunities for Cornell grads.

Famous Alumni: Ruth Badger Ginsburg (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), Toni Morrison (Nobel Prize winner for Literature), Steven Squyres (NASA Mars Rover project leader)